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Hot new resource for web developers
Jul 7, 2006
In this brief article, I present a totally bitchin resource for all you web developers out there.
Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Review
Jun 4, 2006
Microsoft has released a free IDE for developing and publishing web pages and here is my mini review.
TechCrunch Web 2.0 Party a great success!
Jun 1, 2006
TechCrunch, with sponsorships from Redfin, TripHub, and Farecast, hosted a fantastic tech party for industry folks to meet and greet.
Creating keyword lists on the fly
May 28, 2006
In this article, I will show you a neat little trick for creating and updating keyword lists based off your content.
Brand new Blog!
May 27, 2006
JimGranger.com proudly presents a brand new blog for articles and thoughts.